The Latino Legacy Youth Leadership In Nature Challenge (YLINC) is a multi-day immersion experience targeting underserved high school youth. Since 2008, the program provides a series of experiential learning opportunities geared toward connecting youth with nature, developing leadership skills, inspiring civic duty and providing pathways for career opportunities in natural resource conservation and management fields. Experiences in nature shape people‚Äôs lives in a positive and healthy manner, providing an understanding of the natural world and opportunities to new young leaders in natural resource conservation. It is the goal of the Latino Legacy program to embrace diversity and facilitate opportunities for youth, their families, and natural resource professionals to learn and work together in efforts to conserve the natural resources of our world. It is the firm conviction of Latino Legacy that a hands-on interaction with nature can lead to a lifetime of environmental stewardship.

Objectives of YLINC include:

1. To open doors of awareness and opportunity in the area of conservation and natural resource stewardship to underserved youth in urban communities with a focus on Latino youth.

2. To provide positive outdoor experiences for youth who may be disconnected from nature due to socio-economic, urban immersion and other limitations or barriers. These outdoor experiences will provide knowledge, skills and familiarity with the natural world.

3. To provide healthy lifestyle opportunities for Latino and other underserved youth that will inspire connectivity to the outdoors and improve mental and physical health while inspiring future conservation leaders who will impact future generations. The Latino Legacy YLINC Program has been in effect for nine years and is generally held during the summer for a week-long experience.